• Math: Math

    Please click on the link below for today's Math activity 

    ***Today you are doing a Nearpod lesson AND a test on MobyMax! You must complete both!***


     CLICK HERE →Coordinate Plane Review



    Go to Clever.com and find the MobyMax Icon

    Click on the "Coordinate Plane Assessment" on your assignment page

    Moby Max assignment


  • ELA: Books



    Click on each to complete today's activities:

    Lesson 18 Spelling Quiz

     CLICK HERE →"A Happy Home for Every Dog and Cat" This lesson is due on Friday 5/8/2020.It is a reading lesson about rescue animals. Just like B.J. in the story "The Dog Newspaper" was a rescue dog!!


    Go to Clever.com and find the Achieve 3000 Icon


    Choose an article to read and complete the activity!

  • Social Studies/Science

    Please click on the link below for this weeks Social Studies & Science Lessons

    Make sure you enter your first and last name!

    ***These are the only Social Studies & Science Lessons for this week. They are both due by Friday, 5/8/2020


    Click here Columbian ExchangeColumbian Exchange

    ***Complete tasks on slides 1-15***

    Please do not skip any questions - this will change your grade!


    Newton's 2nd Law

    CLICK HERE for Newton's Laws

    Follow the lesson on Nearpod. Be sure to watch all of the videos on the slides and answer ALL of the questions!




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