• Using the Internet Safely


     The Internet is a wonderful resource for children as well as adults. They can get information, communicate, play games and so much more. However, the Internet is a place where potential dangers lie for those who are not aware of those dangers.

    Our children are using the Internet more and more. As they do, they are exposed to these potential dangers. How can we all protect our children from these dangers? Knowledge and awareness are the two keys to safety on the Internet.

    We must teach our children how to use the Internet safely. We must also closely monitor what they see and do on the Internet. In order to be able to do this, parents and teachers must be knowledgeable about Internet safety.

    There are many great Internet Safety resources. We have created a page with links to some of the more known sites.  We hope you will take some time to look at the materials on these sites. Then, please share what you have learned with your children. Take an active role in your child's Internet usage.