Students can click the link below and this link will bring you to the Failure Free student login page.  Follow the instructions to successfully log onto Failure Free. 

    •   The Failure Free student login page will ask for the school's zip (postal) code - 14304
    •   Find your school - click on 79th Street Elementary School
    •   Enter your access code- Which is the student's password
    •   Student Welcome page and your lesson is ready- Click Launch Your Lesson that is highlighted in blue 

       The program will begin and will run through a series of different lessons.  This program is based on a variety of stories based on the students learning level.  The program will work with the students on reading comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and matching sentences.  Any questions regarding the Failure Free program, students progress on the program, passwords , please do not hesitate to email   edalporto@nfschools.net.  I will be more than happy to help you.  Enjoy!