Technology Resources for Teachers


Technology in Education Mentor Project


The Technology Mentors (TEMPs) are four retired teachers whose basic task is to help teachers integrate technology into curriculum and instruction. As mentors, TEMPs are involved in a number of programs which assist District teachers in incorporating many aspects of technology in the teaching and learning environment.
TEMPs facilitate the use of the curriculum matrices on NYLearns.
TEMPs assist teachers in designing and updating their classroom webpages. 
TEMPs facilitate technology Study Groups and Cybercafes for the Niagara Falls Teacher Resource Center.
TEMPs facilitate Webinars dealing with all aspects of technology in the classroom.
Another major responsibility the TEMPs have is to assist teachers in discovering and sharing technology resources that prove valuable in the classroom.
On the pages to the left, you will find a large number of resources you might wish to use in your classrooms. Please take some time to browse through those which interest you.
If you have resources you would like to share with your fellow teachers, please contact gkulbago@nfschools.net  or rcarroll@nfschools.net and we'd be glad to post your resources on these pages.
The TEMPs can be contacted through the District e-mail or from their individual webpages (links at top of this page).