• Mrs. Schove's English Language Arts Class


    The Niagara Falls School District has adopted a new ELA digital curriculum for the students of Gaskill Preparatory School.  The name is simply “Amplify”.  This modern program provides engaging lessons designed to improve our students’ vocabulary, reading, listening, writing and collaboration skills.  In the first quarter, “Students begin with narrative writing to quickly boost their writing production, to learn the foundational skill of Focus and to become comfortable with the key classroom habits and routines they will use all year.  After exploring the details of how they describe their own experiences and emotions, students pay the same kind of close attention to analyzing the details presented in the unit’s core text:  Jili Jiang’s Red Scarf Girl, her memoir of growing up during China’s Cultural Revolution.”  (www.amplify.com)

    The New York State English Language Arts Examination is scheduled for the first week of April.  In preparation for this examination, your child should be reading for a period of at least thirty minutes per night.  This is an on going assignment for the school year in addition to completing anything that was not finished in class.  Reading time should be stressed as it is integral for the student’s fluency, comprehension, and acquisition of new vocabulary.  A quick annotation is necessary for credit.  New York State requires each student to read at least 25 books by the end of the academic year.  If each child reads five books each marking period, in addition to our classroom reading, they will reach the goal!

    Check in with your child, to see what he/she is reading.


Last Modified on October 12, 2018