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DuPont: The 2013 DuPont Community Fund award supported Hyde Park Elementary School’s ’s implementation of “Camp Invention-Spark”, a nationally acclaimed STEM enrichment curriculum which focuses on four thematic science/math modules in alignment with state and national Common Core Learning Standards, lesson plans and staff training. The “Camp Invention-Spark” program was created by the National Inventors Hall of Fame Foundation with support from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.  (In 2013, the Niagara Falls, NY City School District honored DuPont Niagara with its highest recognition – the 2013 “Golden Apple” in recognition of DuPont’s 20-year track record of “sponsoring professional development opportunities for the District, including sponsoring teachers to attend the National Science Teachers Association Conference; and for the site’s ongoing efforts to support priority STEM education efforts including participation by employees as classroom mentors.”)

National Grid, through which the District’s STEM Advisory Committee received guidance in developing the best use of the new STEM classrooms to prepare students for the typed of jobs NG has available and anticipates difficulty filling with qualified applicants. NG has gone even further, providing funding for graduate-level science, technology, engineering, and mathematics and Advance Manufacturing professional development coursework at Niagara University for 45 District teachers for three years.

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center: The District’s first STEM partner, NFMMC has helped establish STEM curriculum in the biosciences and has designated an employee to act as a consultant to students as they learn. A highly interactive and valuable partner, NFMMC is a key, local part of our STEM team.

Niagara University: NU is providing ongoing professional development in STEM, in part through the National Grid partnership.

Roswell Park Cancer Institute: Educational leaders from Roswell Park Cancer Institute are a vital partner in helping facilitate the Cancer unit in the NFHS STEM courses. They have assisted in the further development of our Cancer unit by connecting teachers to expert technicians and researchers in the field of cancer, specifically lung and ovarian cancer.  These experts will work alongside teachers and engage their students in research on the biology and genetic basis of cancer as well as learning about cancer detection, diagnosis, treatment and prevention.  The students will also learn about disparities in cancer incidence, healthcare, and outcomes among various populations.  In teams students will pursue expeditionary learning and service projects which will bring awareness to their peers in school as well as the community.  Raising awareness in the community is of essence in solving real life problems that affect our students and their family’s daily lives.

University at Buffalo.: Bhawna Chowdhary, NFCSD Science Teacher who is also a doctoral student at UB in Science Education brought her professor Dr. Yerrick and his Doctoral Students (Engineer Professors from RIT) to NFHS for a site visit to tour our newly created STEM classrooms and to discuss the direct integration of engineering into our course work.  They supported our STEM  endeavors in the classroom and contributed to curriculum.