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General Information

Our students begin STEM education in elementary school. The experiences students gain from using the STEM classroom will help to give them an insight to skills and ideas that can influence their career choices and help to prepare them for college. The predicted future trend for the highest paying, most stable jobs will be in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.

We believe the District is alone in the State in having dedicated STEM classrooms in every school -- maybe alone in the country.

Each school has one STEM classroom, except NFHS, which has two STEM classrooms that are used for specific STEM courses in Biomedical Science and Math Innovation. High school students have these classes as an option for course credit. In the future, NFHS anticipates collaboration with colleges for college credits and with companies for internships.

Some features of the STEM classroom are virtual field trips, laptop computers, special 3-D Smart Boards, after school engineering clubs, and the opportunity to learn to work as a team to perform “missions”.