• Dignity for All Students Act

     A student’s ability to learn and meet high academic standards is compromised by incidents of bullying and harassment.  Incidents may come in many different forms such as taunting or intimidation.

    A state law called the “Dignity for All Students Act” protects all public elementary and secondary students. The law prohibits the harassment and discrimination of students.

    Our parents and guardians should be aware that the District has a Positive Behavior and Character Education Program in place at every school. Schools have 'Bully Boxes" or “Safe Lockers” where students can anonymously report incidents of bullying or other negative behavior. A Step-Mentoring program is also in place at NFHS that pairs upperclassmen with underclassmen to help younger students navigate the adjustment to high school life. The Power of One, Key Club, Increase the Peace and other student organizations reinforce the message that tolerance and respect are required life skills.

    If you know of a child being bullied, you are encouraged to contact the school that child attends. The sooner adults have information, the sooner they can address it.

    The District takes seriously the responsibility we all have, as adults in children’s lives, to model appropriate behavior, to be a resource for a child in need, and to hold accountable those who harm others. We thank the greater community for supporting and joining in this work.

    Key Terms

    Harassment/Bullying is the creation of a hostile environment by conduct, threats, intimidation, or abuse that would have the effect of unreasonably and substantially interfering with a student's academic performance, their mental/emotional/physical well-being or cause a student to fear for her/his safety.

    Discrimination is the denial of equal treatment and/or access to programs and facilities. 

    Cyberbullying is defined as harassment or bullying which takes place through any form of electronic communication.

    If you suspect your child is a victim of harassment/bullying, discrimination, or cyberbullying, please locate the appropriate contact included on the site.

    Parent Resources

    Click here to visit www.p12.nysed.gov/dignityact

    Click here to visit http://kidshealth.org/parent/positive/talk/cyberbullying.html