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    Mrs. Kajfasz's Home Page!


       Thank you for visiting my Home Page!  My name is Mrs. Kajfasz and I will be your child's 2nd grade teacher this year.  I am very excited to start a new school year!  For information about school supplies for this year, please refer to my "Welcome Page".

       Below is other important information that pertains to the operation of my classroom:


    Weekly Specials

       I will send home a schedule of our Weekly Specials in your child's Homework Folder.  Please make sure your child is prepared for gym class with sneakers twice a week.  If it's more convenient, your child may keep an extra pair of sneakers in the locker at school. 


    Lunch Period

       Our lunch period is scheduled from 11:25 - 11:55 each day.  Also, since we will have some early morning specials, I usually allow for a short fresh fruit snack right after our specials during our bathroom break time. 


    Homework Policy

       The children will usually have a homework assignment each night.    The assignment will reflect what we worked on that day. It will usually be a math sheet or a phonics' sheet. Please see specific subject areas on my website for ways to provide extra support from home.  I do not usually give homework over the weekend unless it is for a project or a review for a test.


    Reading Logs

       Whenever possible, please try to read a little each evening with your child. This is a great way to help your child improve his/her oral reading skills as well as monitor and develop his/her comprehension skills.  Please remind your child to record each book he/she reads on the Home Reading Log and return it to school when completed.



       Please help make sure your child is well-rested and on time for school each day.  In the event your child is home sick, please make sure you send in a note the next day.  Without a note, this will be considered an "illegal" absence.  I will send home some slips in your child's Homework Folder for you to use.



       Many of the children like to bring in a treat to share with their classmates.  Please send me a note a few days before, just in case we have duplicate birthdays with other children in the classroom.  Due to food allergies, our school policy is store-bought items only so the ingredients will be listed and can be checked. Instead of cupcakes, other popular items include:  cookies, jello, ice cream sandwiches or cups, rice krispie treats, individual bags of mini cookies or crackers.


    Classroom Management Plan

       On the first day of school, I will review my Classroom Management Plan with the children.  I will also send home a copy for your review.  Cooperative behavior is always encouraged so we get the most out of our class lessons.  There is no time for disruptive behavior and I will deal with any class problems through the use of colored discipline zones.  Cooperative behavior is always rewarded.


       I look forward to working with you and your child and having a successful school year.  If you ever have any questions or concerns, feel free to stop in, or call me at school (278-7980), or contact me via email (ckajfasz@nfschools.net).



                                                                                    Mrs. Kajfasz

                                                                                    2nd Grade Teacher


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