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    1. Introducing Yourself

    Mr. G. Kulbago's Class
    (You might want to add a paragraph with some information about yourself.
    You might want to tell where you went to school, how many years you have been teaching, something about your family, or some interests.)  

    ELA 9th Grade



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    (A video created on Microsoft Stream, Microsoft PowerPoint or even your own
    phone or tablet can be a great connection.You might do a video of you you or you might use a screencast. You might use an audio file as well. Consider updating them
    to fit the various seasons  such as Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, the Winter Season, etc.)

    2. How to Connect With Parents

    (Provide a way for parents to communicate with you. Here are three easy ones.)

    1. Email me at: gkulbago@nfschools.net
    (It's best not to have your email linked. They can copy/paste your email address in their email.)

    2. (This is a "Form" created in Microsoft Forms. It is a really easy way to communicate.)
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    4 Phone Number - You can call me at my school number.   716-xxx-xxxx.

    5. This is a link to the Power School Parent Portal.

    3 How to Connect With Students

    Students, do you have something to ask me or tell me?
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