• To our Maple family,

    I hope you are well during these challenging and distant times. Together, we will get through this! I invite you make the most of our interactive teacher web pages while home. Teachers have worked tirelessly to ensure that teaching and learning continues seamlessly, even if we are not face to face. You will find new instructional materials each week on your teacher's web page beginning April 13, 2020. Paper packets will be available for those requesting them. Listen to my all call for weekly pick up times. 

    Remember that we are serving lunches with a smile daily from 11-1.  Come say hello and safely pick yours up. Breakfast is also included for the next day.

    We want you to continue to display our Character Counts traits. After an exciting kickoff in March exemplifying the pillar of Responsibility, we have moved to learning about our April pillar of Trustworthy. What does being Trustworthy look like? It means you are honest. You do not deceive, cheat or steal. You are reliable and do what you'll say  you'll do. You have the courage to do the right thing. You have a good reputation and you are loyal - to your family, friends, and our country. You show your trustworthiness by tending to your studies, practicing social distancing and staying home and safe. Show you are Trustworthy by wearing blue  on Fridays!

    Make sure to follow us on Facebook @mapleavenueschool and Twitter @MapleAveNF for lunch menu and frequent updates. Feel free to call the school at any time for informaiton at 278-9140.  Know how much we miss our students and families. Stay safe! We will all be together one day soon. 

    I can't wait to see you!

    Maria T. Chille-Zafuto, Principal