• There are some sad things happening out there.

    Spread A Little Love! heart heart heart heart heart heart

    Check out Kid President.  He's got some great advice for us. 

    His words from 2014 can make us all feel a little better!

                          Click Here: Kid President  (click "Skip Ad" and get right to the good stuff!!) 

    Mrs. Canada                             heart            Contact me at ecanada@nfschools.net                          Hey Guys!!   When you pick up your desk/locker stuff June1,2 or 3 be sure to check for any library books, in case I accidentally put one in your bag. 

    If you find any of my classroom books, those are for you to keep!!!!   

     **Send me a message on Moby Max, Remind or email anytime!!

    I love hearing from you!!


     *To log onto sites, like MobyMax, from Symbaloo use your student number.  This can be found on your report card if you don't remember !! Email me or send message thru REMIND if you need help with a    student number.

    All student work done on paper can now be turned in at the school during lunch pick-up times.

    Be sure it is in an envelope, folder or bundled by rubberband  and labled with Student and Teacher name.

      There is no hurry to bring them in.  I won't see them until we get the green light to go into school.  

    So feel free to keep them organized at home until then. Your Choice!

    I am deeply saddened that we won't be together in our classroom again.  But I will absolutely be planning a picnic for us whenever playgrounds open and we can gather in a group safely and according to the recommendations! I miss you all, so very much!!!!