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    ROOM 345

    Each student is responsible for bringing blue or black ink pens to class, 1 2" binder, (dividers are optional), and highlighters. 

    A limited supply of materials will be available to students throughout the year. 

    Most assignments will be done in class, however some assignments will be asked to be done independently AT HOME. 

    Our curriculum is online. Each student will  also receive his or her own workbook. 

    The online curriculum can be found at this link: 


    Access to Parent Portal: 

    username: (student log-in credentials)

    password: (student #) 

    IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR PARENTS: You may also access your students grades through this Parent Portal Link above. 

    Once you have logged in, follow the directions below to access the content: 

    On the left-hand side of the page you will find the Pearson Curriculum link. Click this to access the content. ***Instructions on submission of assignments will be shared with students throughout the year.

    There are 6 units of study. Each is launched with a video and themed essential question:

    1. American Voices: “What does it mean to be American?”
    2. Survival: “What does it take to survive?”
    3. The Literature of Civil Rights: “How can words inspire change?”
    4. Star Crossed Romances: “Do we determine our own destinies?”
    5. Journeys of Transformation: “What can we learn from a journey?”
    6. World’s End: “Why do we try to imagine the future?”


    Whole Class Reading 

    Students read whole class with teacher.

    Paired Reading

    Students read selected texts with partner(s).

    Independent Reading

    Students read texts digital/or print independently.


    Assessments and other additional resources

    There are 2-3 major assessments per unit. Ongoing assessment occurs using daily writing, vocabulary, and comprehension questions.

    Students will take Interim, Midterm, and a local Final Exam.

    By the end of 9th grade students in English 9 will

     Read a variety of texts (poems, plays, novels)

    Think analytically

    Write evidence based claims, texts analysis responses, and narratives


    Students will be responsible for reading independently each marking period, as well as complete homework regularly.  AIS (Study Hall) will be provided in your student's schedule to complete assignments for English and seek help). 

    Assignments and materials will be provided to you throughout the year. Check back regularly where you may also find links to homework, independent reading, etc. 

    I look forward to working with you this year. 

    Feel free to contact me with questions


    Extension: 41345 




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