• Student Council  

    What is the Student Leadership Council?

    The Student Leadership Council consists of 5th and 6th grade students at that act as student ambassadors.  The Student Leadership has a variety of jobs.  Student Leadership members will be participating in the following activities, but are not limited to:

    • Represent the students (school ambassadors).
    • Volunteer at school events like Open House, Family Fun Night, etc.
    • Help plan and promote the monthly character education themes.
    • Meet as a council once per month.
    • Will work with administration to roll out school initiatives.
    • Help to solve school problems.
    • Start new school initiatives, activities, or clubs.
    • Coordinate school community service/service learning projects (volunteering, fundraisers, etc).
    • 1 - 2 grade 6 students can attend SQC meetings.

     Mrs. Vail is the student council coordinator.

    This year's student council members are:
     Sixth Graders
    • Alana Bathurt (Mr. Leblanc)
    • Alyssa Loza (Mr. Leblanc) 
    • Autumn Thurston (Mr. Leblanc)
    • Lanae Lowe (Mrs. Ofokansi) 
    Fifth Graders
    • Bianca Simmons (Miss Critelli)
    • Shamarah McDougald (Miss Critelli)
    • Gabriel Fitzgibbon (Miss Critelli)
    • Kaleigh Smeal (Mrs. Peters)
    • Bethany Rainer (Mr. Weiss)
    • Luxary Elder (Mr. Weiss)