Water Can


                                 Niagara Street Elementary School

                                            School Garden Project


    Coordinators: Mrs. Andreana, Jennifer Tynan Cornell Cooperative Extension

    Grades: 3 – 6 students

    Garden Plan: Niagara Street is working closely with Cornell Cooperative Extension of Niagara County to help plan and coordinate their garden.  The garden will be located on the south end of the school courtyard directly adjacent to the main entrance as this location receives 6+ hours of sun and strategically located to a water outlet. Seedlings will be planted this Spring in our STEM Lab growing station.  The students will plant raised bed gardens to include flowers (pollinators), edibles (fruits & vegetables), and herbs (leafy plants used for flavor, aroma, and healing).  Classrooms will be engaged in planting educational presentations and research types of plans selected for planting.  Some of their garden box ideas include a Pizza Garden, Vegetable Soup Garden, Herb/Kitchen Garden, Salsa Garden, Stir Fry Garden, and Ratatouille Garden.