• Niagara Falls Proud    Greetings From    Cataract

    Mr. Showers, Principal 

    Cataract Elementary School


    Dear Parents,

    Student Belongings Pick-up Dates at Cataract

    Scheduled for June 1,2,3   11:00 - 1:00 pm. Your child's belongings will be handed to you at the door in a labeled bag with your child's name on it. Please make sure you're wearing a mask at pick-up. No parents or students will be permitted in the building as per our COVID requirements.

    Yearbooks will be distributed at the pick-up doors of your grade level, "only" if you preordered one.


    Door 1 (Main) Grades 4,6 Barto, Caso, Mohr, Dean, Carruthers, Frost

    Door 2 (66th St.) Grades 3,5

    Door 3 (Back Loop) Grades Pre-K, 1

    Door 4 (Back Loop) Grades Kindergarten, 2

    Instrument Drop-off is at the Front Door, Door 1.


    Traditional 40-week report cards will not be issued along with trimester PreK-2 grades. A final promotion or non-promotion letter will be mailed to each child's parent at the end of June by the school principal. I strongly encourage parents to continue to monitor that your child is completing their Distant Learning and returning work to Cataract or via digitally to your child's teacher. If you're returning hard copy packets, please make sure that your child's teacher, student name, and school is located on the outside envelope.

    Reminder: Bag Lunches daily for pick-up at Cataract 11:00 - 1:00 pm. Packet pick-up will between those same hours. Last Day for Packet Drop-off June 9

    Academic Teacher Led On-Line learning available weekly. Two-way feedback will be available via social media platforms on the teachers individual websites. Some grade level packets are designated for two weeks at a time....so please check.

    Thank you for working so hard with your children at home and being patient with the system in place . We will eventually return back to school to the business of education and helping your children grow. These are times like no other....please stay positive. Parents like our teachers like our medical responders are heroes also.








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