• Niagara Falls Proud    Greetings From    Cataract

    Mr. Showers, Principal 

    Cataract Elementary School


    Dear Parents,

     Cataract Elementary School will be offering COVID Testing, Friday, Aug 28, 11:00-1:00pm. More information to follow.


    Please join us for our Transition "Open House" Camps for an information share on the school year. Only one parent will be permitted in the building with your child for social distancing purposes, masks are mandatory. We will be located in the Cataract gym where we will walk you through our opening of schools itnerary. Mr. Showers will answer questions that you may have.

    You will receive information as to who your child's teacher is and noting if they attend on Blue or Gold days. I will not be taking requests to switching days as this hybrid schedule considers, number of students attending a particular day, social distancing, family strands, and safety.

    Transitional Camps

    Tuesday, August 25, 9:30am or 1:30pm.

    Wednesday, August 26, 9:30am or 1:30pm.

    Thursday, August 27, 9:30am or 1:30pm.

    Tuesday, September 1, 9:30am or 1:30pm.


    First Day of School:

    Thursday, September 10, Blue Team

    Friday, September 11, Gold Team








Last Modified on August 19, 2020