• Since we could not have a Fun Day this year, today is a virtual fun day!

    So since it is supposed to be 90 degrees, here is a list of things to do if you can.....


    1. Fun day means popcorn...pop a bag and eat it before 11 o'clock.

    2. Do a race in your backyard with your siblings or your self!  Do a water relay.  Fill a bucket with water and try to carry as much water to another bucket or container as you can.

    3.  Do some chalk art on the sidewalk.  Write postive messages to the people in your neighborhood to read. 

    4. Cool off by running through the hose or sprinkler.  Or if you have a pool, go for a dip.

    5. Play catch with a ball or water balloons.  Play with your siblings or your parents.  

    6. Grab a popcicle or cool drink and realx under a tree or in the shade.  If we were in school we would be sweating very badly by now and many of you would be asking to sit in the shade.

    Lastly, come in and watch a movie or your favorite show.  You must be tired and hot by now, so chill.


Last Modified on June 7, 2020