• Dear Parents, 
    During this time it is good to talk to your children about what is going on and to answer their questions so that they have support.


    Little ones: They might want to know why we are inside and how we can be safe.  We can talk to them about handwashing and the importance of it now and in the future.  We could explain masks as a way for people to keep everyone healthy.  If you see your little one making a maks out of a dishcloth or a papertowel, that is perfectly normal.  Little ones explore their world through play.  

    To demonstrate six feet away from others,  you could show your child the distance with measuring tape or with sidewalk squares or toys.  Be creative!  If they can visualize it, they can understand it better.


    Older kids: If they should ask you a question that seems big or you don't know the answer to it, try saying "That's a good question.  What made you think of that?"  The second part is the most important part as it allows children to clarify their question and keep us from getting to ahead of them.


    It's also important that kids still have some time with their peers whether that's through sending letters, getting on their screens, but still somehow socializing if possible.