• Supporting Children during this time:

    Experts agree that setting and sticking to a regular schedule is key even when we re home all day.  Kids should get up, eat, and go to bed at their normal times.  Consistancy and structure are calming during stressful times.  It's important that especially younger ones know what's going to happen and when.  

    Also make sure to build in activities during your day, take a walk, ride your bike or just dance.  Exercise is a great way to help kids burn off energy.

    And finally remember to KEEP IT POSITIVE!



  • Community Resources

    Crisis Support

    COVID-19 Emotional Support Hotline 1-844-863-9314

    Crisis Services Hotline 716-285-3515


    Food Banks

    NICAP   285-4375   - 564 19th Street

    Salvation Army  283-7697   - 7018 Buffalo Ave

    St. John de LaSalle Community Care  622-5880   - 8600 Buffalo Ave

    Mt. Zion Baptist Church  282-3655    - 1334 Calumet

    Heart, Love & Soul   282-5681   - 939 Ontario Ave

    Divine Mercy   260-7540   - 2437 Niagara St.