• Good Moring!

    This is our class reading page. Attached is the link to Moby Max. Moby Max is a new tool we are going to use while we work from our homes in our pajamas!



    Once you create a sign in you will be brought to the home page with all the Apps. 


    The apps that I would like for you to work on are:

    Alphabet Sounds- work on one sound a day 

    Alphabet Letters- work on one letter a day that macthes the sound


    Here is a link to a story about Spring Welcome Back Spring

    Ask your student: What Happened? Who were the characters? What is the weather like in spring? 



    **A few of my friends can also take the reading assessment and then work on the reading stories app as well. It will read a story to you by clicking the megaphone in the top left corner and after it will ask you a few questions about what you just read/heard.** You can class dojo me if you need any guidance on this.