• Hello everyone! Hope you enjoy the following lesson.


    1. You are going to hear a song with a surprise in it today! First, we must learn/review some music words. Read through the definitions for Dynamics, Loud and Soft. Read aloud the definitions using those dynamics (for example, read the definition for Loud somewhat loud, and Soft, read it softly). For fun, these definitions also rhyme. Try rapping/chanting the definitions as well.
    2. The song we are going to listen to is called “Andante” from Symphony No. 94 in G Major by Franz Joseph Haydn.
      1. This music has been nicknamed the “Surprise” Symphony. Some people think that Haydn used the “surprise” to wake people up who might have fallen asleep while listening to his music…kind of funny! Others have said that he added this surprise so that his student Pleyel, whose concerts had opened a week before Haydn’s, would not outdo him.
      2. You can listen to the song here:
        1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tF5kr251BRs
      3. Listen to the song. What do you think the surprise is? (Here’s a hint: the surprise makes me think of popcorn.) Describe the music. Do you hear the different dynamics?
      4. Listen to the music again and show the dynamic changes by moving to the music. If you have any type of percussion instruments (like sand blocks, etc.) or even 2 spoons, practice playing them soft (the music term is called piano) and loud (the music term is called forte) while keeping a steady beat.
    3. Next time we will look a little more at Franz Joseph Haydn. For now, enjoy the word search below as you review some of the terms we talked about in this lesson.