• Week: 1  

    Grade: 1st 

    Lesson Title and NYS Learning Standard 1 and 2 


    • Warm-up 



    Student Target 

    Skill: I will volley the balloon up into the air as many times as I can before it hits the floor. 

    Cognitive: I will work with a balloon in my self-space. 

    Fitness: I will actively engage and work to improve my volleying skills. 

    Personal & Social Responsibility: I will work safely and follow all rules. 


    Activity:  Balloon Striking/Volleyball 

    1.Volley the balloon with the dominant hand only. 
    2. Volley the balloon with the non-dominant hand only. 
    3. Volley the balloon alternating hands for each strike. 

    1. Volley the balloon using forearms.
      5. Volley the balloon back and forth to their partner.


    How many strikes can you make before dropping the balloon?   


    In plank (or abc pushup) position:  Can you volley the balloon up while holding the plank position? 

    Crab position:  Can you keep the balloon up doing crab kicks? 

    IF you can’t use a balloon, you can use other types of ball (beachball, kickball, rubber ball, or rolled up socks).