• These suggested digital resources support content in your 40-week science curriculum (unless otherwise indicated).  You should preview them to determine which resources within the link to assign to your students.  You are free to use some, all or none of what is suggested.  I hope this helps you.   

    The recommendation is one science lesson (or about one hour) per week.   

    I will select a few standards from your 40 week curriculum for each month.  It may not be the same order that you would normally teach, so I will attempt to get to as many standards as possible over the next few weeks. 

    I will provide resources from the following: 

    • Nearpod If you would like to set up your own account, you can have immediate access to everything that students do.  Instructions were sent from Ed Maynard on how to do this.  You can simply search my suggested activity and add it to your library.  You will likely assign a student-led lesson in our circumstances and this will generate a code for you to give to students.  If you do not want to create your own account, I have set these assignments up to run as student-led activities.  All students need to do is go to nearpod.com and enter the code listed.  The code will be valid until the end of April.  Have students enter their full name.  A report will be generated that I can forward to any teachers who would like it – however it will have every student who participates – it is ideal to have your own account.  Ed or I can help if needed. 
    • BrainPop (Jr) You can push out assignments to your students and they can submit their work to you.  Students log in with Clever using their student number as the user name and password. 
    • PBS Learning Media https://www.pbslearningmedia.org/collection/emergency-closings-collection/ - Videos, interactives, support materials such as readings, discussion questions, handouts and teaching tips.  You can make an account (free) to assign directly to your students or simply provide the link with your own instructions for how to submit completed work.  I found that I had an account as we used to use this in the district.  You can also print resources for your students without internet access.  Only some resources are available without an account.  It's very simple and I highly recommend it. 
    • BOCES4Science (K-2 only) - I will add video links and pages from the student journal that are able to be done at home. 
    • PDF worksheets from various sources 
    • Just for fun ideas – these are activities that support science/STEM that students might enjoy doing – they could send in a photo of what they did to share with you