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    As a refresher, have your child go through each sound card and tell you the letter, picture, and sound that goes with it.

    Ex: A, apple, /a/. This will be a helpful tool when sounding out new words or learning to spell new words.

    Fundations Letters

    Fundation's Sound Cards


    For additional sight word practice you can..

    - Make cards for each word

    - Write each word out a couple times & then try to write it in a sentence

    - Try to use two or three words in a sentence

    Sight Words to Know



    We are beginning Unit 5 this week (4/13) of Journey's and starting with the first 6 words. We have already learned the words up to Unit 5.

    For addtional practice with these words you can..

    - Go through these words with your child to see which words they still need to practice and make cards for those words

    - Practice wrting these words a couple times or write them in a sentence

    - Look for these words in books you have at home


    Journey's Words to Know