• 6th Grade - Reading Groups

    Students in Mrs. Mohr's reading groups may access reading lessons on Failure Free Reading.  Students will login using the "student login" section on the bottom. The postal code is 14303, and on the next page students will select "Niagara Street Elementary School." If your child does not remember their access code, please email me. 

    6th Grade - ELA AMPLIFY

    Please also see Miss Edwards's webpage for weekly assignments.

    Students, log into amplify through clever or symbaloo using your student ID number. Amplify works best on the Chrome browser. Please try to complete 10 minutes of vocabulary on Amplify and read for at least 20 minutes each day. You can access the Amplify library with the code 1234. Parents - ask your child about what they are reading to continue to improve on comprehension skills. 

     ** Please feel free to complete the Mysteries and Investigations Sub Unit 2. I know many of you were eager to find out about modern-day Yellow Fever

    * Do not stress about finishing a lesson all in one day. You can always move onto it another time *

    * Please be sure to click "hand in" for any assignments you do complete




    May 26-29 - Complete The Greeks Sub Unit 5 Reading Assessment - Take your time! You have all week to complete this. 


    June 1st - Grammar Unit: Sub Unit 4 Lesson 1

    2nd - Grammar Unit: Sub Unit 4 Lesson 2

    3rd - Grammar Unit: Sub Unit 4 Lesson 3

    4th - Grammar Unit: Sub Unit 4 Lesson 4

    5th - Grammar Unit: Sub Unit 4 Lesson 5