• Phonics


    In 1st grade you have beeen learning to read CVC words (consonant-vowel-consonant)

    tap out words

    like t-a-p. 

    The CVC words have short vowel sounds.  Watch the video to review short vowel sounds.

    short vowels


    You have learned the sounds for digraphs (2 letters, but 1 sound).  Watch the video to revew digraph sounds.

                                wh     ch     sh

                                th     ck

    digraph sounds


    You have learned to blend the letters to use in CVC words. 

                                bl     tr     sp

                               sl     br     sc


    You have begun to learn long vowel sounds.

    • the silent "e" at the end of the word making the vowel long (say its own name)

                    cake     time

    you were just learning the long vowel patterns                

                    ai      ea               

                   ee     oa

    Watch the video to review long vowel sounds

    long vowels