• Math


    Weekly Assignment for June 1 - June 5, 2020

    Tens and Ones - we are still working on tens and ones.  Think about how we kept track of how many days in school.  You can either print the worksheets or write the answers in your notebook.

    (click on the link)


    Math work is going to be through awebsite called Moby Max. Make sure you are practicing math everyday.  

    Go onto Symbaloo on the Resource page and click on the Moby Max site.  If you have not taken the placement test click on the green square labeled Math to complete. 


    After watching the videos on skip counting below, click the assignment tab in Moby Max to complete your new lesson.
    Ten more and Ten Less game (from Math Games)

    Base Ten Bingo (from ABCya)


    When you are done with that lesson, continue to rest of your assignments on Moby Max

       15 minutes on Math

    15 minutes on Fact Fluency

    15 minutes on Numbers

    Go on these 3 sections each day.  I will recieve your progress.  You can also message me on this site if you have questions or just want to say hi!