• Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Letter Page!

    I will update this page each week with a new letter to work on!

    This week we will start with the letter Uu. 


    Here are 5 letter Uu activities to do at home:


    1. Using any paper you have at home, or chalk outside have your student practice writing a Capital U and a lower case u each day. I would suggest 5 good ones for a capital U and 5 for a lowercase u. 


    2. Use the alphabet tab on Starfall to go over the letter Uu. starfall.com

         Have your student tell you the letter name and the sound it makes on each page of the link. 


    3. Watch the letter Uu Sesame Street Video and after have them tell you 3 things that begin with the letter Uu. 

    Sesame Street Letter Uu


    4. Letter Qq words to learn this week: Queen, Quilt, Quiet you can read any books you have at home or even online stories and see how many Qq words that you can find. Letter U Song


    5. We don't typically use online games in the classroom but because this is a different way to do things I have attached a link for PBSkids that has all letter and sight word games to do at home. Have fun with it! Letter Games