• Math

    Below you will find a link to our math program, Investigations.

    Each week you will find new lessons to explore! You may follow the lesson to complete games and student pages. Remember to use any strategy!

    ways to solve math problems

     Click here for the whole unitUnit 7 Partners, Teams and Other Groups

    Last unit→ Unit 8

    work at your own pace and  do one or more lessons a day and then try some other math games to practice your skills.

    Use these→ Math Tools to solve problems and practice skills.

    Play Second Grade Math Games→ Click here for games!


    Watch this to learn about odd and even numbers→odd and even



    Play a game→Get to 100



    star Practice your Fact Fluency on Moby Max

    add   subtract   multiply   divide

    Click here→ Go on Moby Max

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    owl Practice skip counting here!

    Count by 2,5,10,25

    Click here→Splat Square

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