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    Reread these stories throughout the summer to ge ready for 3rd grade!

    Below you will find a link to Journeys. Each week you can read a new story. There are also writing activities that you may do to go along with each story! You can keep a notebook or do them on any paper you have at home!


    You may start with

    1.Lesson 20 Dex the Heart of a Hero 4/13-4/17

    2.Lesson 21 Penguin Chick 4/20-4/24

    3. Lesson 22 Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend 4/27-5/1

    4.Lesson 23 The Goat In The Rug  5/4-5/8

    5.Lesson 24 Half-Chicken 5/11-5/15

    6.Lesson 25 From Seed To Plant 5/18-5/22

    7. The Mysterious Tadpole 5/26-5/29



    Click here→Journeys 

    1. You should listen to the story first and then read it at least 3X during the week to practice.

    2.Talk about the story with an adult and tell what happened and what it reminds you of. Make a connection to the story.

    3.Talk about your favorite part and why you liked it! You can write your favorite part or facts you learned and draw a picture just like we do at school.

    I read_________________. It was about__________________________________


    My favorite part was when____________________________________________.

                     Draw a picture:





    Read your Decodable Readers to practice your phonics and fluency.


    Click here→ Decodable Readers




    You can do your Reader's Notebook

    click here→Reader's Notebook


    Click here for fun reading and vocabulary lessons→Flowcabulary





  • You may also read stories on Kids A-Z, Starfall, Moby Max or any other books that you have at home.  These sites can be found on

    Click here→Symbaloo   

    A-Z teacher password is maryangelaharris

    You may need to put your password which is your student number from your report card.



    Listen to great stories here!

    Click here→Audible

  • Be sure to read every day!

Last Modified on June 12, 2020