• 2017-2018  sports

    Kalfas Elementarty School Physical Education Department

    Mr. DeRosa – P.E. Teacher


    • Mandated by NYS that all students participate in physical education.
    • Grades Pre-k--6 require students to change into P.E. attire, which includes T-shirt, shorts, sweats, socks, and sneakers.
    • During the swim unit, students will need a bathing suit and towel. (Goggles and swim caps are optional)
    • Students with inhalers or other medical needs should see the nurse prior to P.E. class.


    • If a student needs to be excused from P.E., a written request from the parent/guardian is necessary.
    • Students excused for more than one week (2 classes) must provide a physician’s note to the school nurse.


    • No Jewelry will be allowed in the gym or pool. This includes ear rings and watches.
    • VALUABLES and glass containers should not be brought in the locker room.
    • If you are required to wear eyeglasses you must wear them.


    • Grading will be based on achievement, student’s effort/participation, and also preparation for class.
    • District fitness testing will be conducted in grades 3 and 5 throughout the year
    • Fitness scores are not included in students final grade



Last Modified on October 3, 2017