• Reading Strategies for Kids 

    Before Reading
    Take a picture walk and make predictions.
    Think about what you already know about the topic of the book.

    During Reading
    If you don't understand a part - reread it!
    Ask questions and look for the answers.
    Use strategies to figure out words you don't know including:

         Skip and go back
         Sounding out
         Breaking the words into chunks
         Look at the pictures
         Look for words you know

    After Reading
    Make a self-text connection.
    Make a text-text connection.
    Retell the story.

    Reading Tips for Parents

    Set aside at least 20 minutes each day for reading.

    After your child reads, make sure to ask them questions to determine if they are comprehending what they are reading.

    For example:
         Who is the story about?
         What is the problem in the story?
         How was the problem solved?
         What happened in the beginning, middle and end?

    Visit the public library!

    Encourage your child.  Praise their efforts!

    Model good reading behavior by setting time aside to read aloud to your child. 

    Encourage your child to read with fluency and expression.

Last Modified on September 27, 2017