• In grade 4, all students in New York State are required to take tests of proficiency in Language Arts, Math, and Science.  We will be spending time in class preparing for these tests and hope that all students will share what they are learning at home.  There are some activities that you can do at home to help prepare your child for the upcoming assessments.  Various materials will be provided as each of the test dates approach.

    March is the month that Language Arts will be tested, April is the month for Math and June is the month for Science. The testing dates are as follows: 

    ELA March 30-31

    EMA April 21-22

    NYS Science will be completed prior to June 5 (exact dates provided later)
    *There is a window for make-ups after each of the tests

    Some things that you can do to help your child do their best is make sure that they have adequate rest, a good breakfast, a positive attitude, and good attendance.

    I look forward to your child having an opportunity to show all that they have learned on the New York State tests.  They will discover that hard work does "pay off".

Last Modified on March 16, 2020