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    Internet Safety 

    How To Protect Your Children from Internet Dangers:

    Kids Top 10 Rules
    For Staying Safe                  For the Child:

    For the Parent:   Warning Signs to Watch For

    1. Never give out identifying information such as your address, phone number, school name, town, etc. in chat rooms, forums, forms or questionnaires.
    2. Never agree to meet anyone in person that you have met online.
    3. Never reply to any email, chat messages, or forum items that make you feel uncomfortable.
    4. Never send information or pictures to anyone over the Internet that you do not know.
    5. Never give your password to anyone except your parents, no matter who they say they are.
    6. Be aware that people may not be who they say they are. Someone who says she is a 10-year old girl may really be an older man.
    7. Never click on links in emails from people you don't know.
    8. Don't order anything or give anyone credit card information without your parents' permission.
    9. Always tell your parents if someone upsets you or makes you uncomfortable.
    10. Always follow your parents' rules regarding computer use.

    * Your child quickly changes what is on the screen when you walk in the room. 

    * Your child stays up late at night talking to friends online. 

    * You notice links to inappropriate sites in the history section of the browser.