•                                                               ESD                        

                The program uniquely provides activities for students to immediately improve academic results, including focused instructional support in math and ELA, utilizing direct instruction, blended instruction, and computer-driven instruction in STEM labs to provide specific help for specific areas of need.  Support is also available for other subjects.  Social and behavioral support will be provided through Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions from qualified mental health providers from the district and contracted services providers, for needs not fully met during the regular school day.  Recreational activities span a wide range of possibilities, and include physical conditioning, yoga, and career and technical options, such as music production.  Students will also have a voice in activity offerings made available to them, according to their interests.  Parents will be recruited to participate more in the educational life of their child, with three Parent Nights available to address parent questions and concerns, and provide opportunities to talk about new developments in education impacting their child, such as the Common Core.