• Strategic Goal #4

    To achieve the highest level of partnerships with our community.

    To address this goal, I have determined:

    ·        To personally establish a regular presence among, and accessibility to, organizations, educational partners, community leaders, and media, to encourage other administrators to do the same, and to share this goal with staff and the larger community in order to encourage two-way communication. 

    ·        In addition, to dialogue with and support students by establishing a student advisory panel; establishing the  “My Brother’s Keeper” Program; establishing a Mentoring Program, i.e., “Big Eagle, Little Eagle”; and instituting a Junior ROTC program at NFHS. 

    ·        To formally recognize alumni through a “Hall of Heroes,” honoring graduates for academic, social, or cultural achievement and success.

    ·        To review every major District event to optimize each for the greater enjoyment and participation of parents and community.

    ·        To improve District-wide communication through the bimonthly dissemination of three separate newsletters a) staff, b) community, c) board – following the strategic goals.