Advisor:  Mr. Nowakowski, lnowakowski@nfschools.net
    Description“AHIMSA CLUBS: Nonviolence in Body-Action-Mind” are three clubs linked together with the common theme of ahimsa, the Sanskrit word which means nonviolence.

    AHIMSA YOGA CLUB meets weekly to study and practice the eight limbs of Ashtanga yoga, focusing on the breathing (pranayama) and physical exercise (asana).

    AHIMSA MEDITATION CLUB also meets weekly to study the focus (pratyahara), concentrative (dharana) and meditative (dhyana) parts of Ashtanga.

    The AHIMSA ACTION CLUB applies the ethical codes and observances (yamas and niyamas) of Ashtanga yoga by raising awareness to such topics as human rights, animal abuse, and vegetarianism.

    Meeting Dates:  Days vary from week to week – contact Mr. Nowakowski at ext. 41437