• NFHS WLVL Scholastic Bowl Club
    Advisor:  Mr. Melson, dmelson@nfschools.net
    DescriptionWLVL Scholastic Bowl is a radio broadcast of academic competitions between several Western New York high schools.  All of these competitions can be heard on 1340 AM radio or heard on-line at www.WLVL.com.

    Teams of four students from each of three area high schools travel to the WLVL radio studios in Lockport, New York.  After brief on-air introductions by each student and reports by team captains regarding what is new at each school, the host starts with the competition side of the radio program.

    The first segment consists of toss-up questions which any student can ring in and reserve the opportunity to answer the question for five points.  Once a team has answered three toss-up questions correctly they receive an opportunity to answer a fifteen point bonus question. This program segment lasts nine minutes.

    The second segment of the program is a single fifteen point question, which often includes current events and "what happened on this day in history" questions.  The team chooses one of their team members to answer this question with no input from other team members.  Following the second segment comes the category round where each team chooses from a group of questions that all have a common subject.  The team has an opportunity to answer ten questions in sixty seconds for ten points each.  After each team has a chance to answer questions in their category, all category questions are returned as ten point toss-up questions available to all teams.

    The final program segment lasts six minutes with more difficult ten point toss-up questions.  Each time a team correctly answers a toss-up question they receive a chance at a twenty point bonus question.

    This is a very fast paced radio show that challenges students to quickly recall information and correctly answer questions from a myriad of subjects.  It also gives students an opportunity to be heard live on the radio by their friends and family members. 

    Practice Sessions:  Random throughout the year after school in the Library.