• NFHS Increase the Peace Club
    Advisor:  Mr. Esposito, mesposito@nfschools.net
    Description:  Increase the Peace is a club at NFHS that will try to bring awareness to school problems such as bullying, violence, and gangs.  The organization will try to foster a change in the mentality of many students that characterizes our nation's inner-city schools.  Students will learn to be leaders and not followers through conversations about the causes of school violence and how teachers, students, and schools ought to respond.  Our ultimate goal is to give our best effort to make the Niagara Falls community safer for everyone. 

    How will we make the school safer?
    • Promote peace whenever possible
    • If you see someone being bullied, step in and stop it
    • Be more tolerant of other people's sexual orientation, nationalities, religion, race, etc.
    • Report any talk of weapons in school
    • Don't hate, fight, instigate or form cliques
    • Network/recruit 5 others, including someone you don't know, to join

    Why join Increase the Peace?

    • Looks great on college and job resumes
    • Make the school and community safer
    • Make more friends
    • Feel good about yourself
    • You can actually make a difference
    Meetings:  Every 3rd Thursday of the month in room #243.