• NFHS Anime Club
    Advisor:  Mr. S. Dobrasz, sdobrasz@nfschools.net
    Description:  Anime, also known as Japanimation, is an art form and a huge part of Japanese culture and entertainment for all ages.  This part of Japanese culture is finally becoming more mainstream here in the United States.  Fully animated features with character development, Japanese folklore, history, martial arts, science fiction, and visually advanced imagery are all part of Anime.  In Anime Club, students may watch, draw or discuss anime and related topics pertaining to the genre.
         The Anime Club is open to students at NFHS with at least a 70% average in each course.  You can show up to the meetings on the weeks you decide.  All Anime is pre-screened and shown in uncut Japanese format when available.
    Meetings:  The Anime Club meets on Wednesdays in Room 427 at 3:10 p.m.