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    How to use Google properly as a search engine and a whole lot more

    Google is probably the most popular search engine on the Internet. Its popularity and ease of use has made it the search engine most students use when searching for information and doing research. However, there is a great deal more to searching for reliable information than just opening Google and typing in a few words. Both we,as teachers, and our students need to understand and use the proper searching techniques in order to find proper, reliable information in the most efficient way. It is a learning process. On this page you will find many suggestions, hints and even tricks that can help you and your students in this process. 

    Setting Your Preferences for Google

    Google does allow you to set up your searches in various ways.  This can be done by going to http://www.google.com/preferences. It may seem a bit strange going to a website to set up your computer's search preferences, but this is how Google works.  The Safe Search should be turned on if any children will be using Google on your computer. You can tailor the other preferences to your likes. Be sure to "save" your preferences and they will stay for the computer you are using.
    Google Preferences  


     Saving your "History"

    If you have a Google account, and they are free, you may save your search history so you can go back and recover a search or the results of a search later.
    Sign in on the Google Home page.
    Google Sign in  
    Go to your accounts. Then at the bottom right, you will find "other tools." Click on the history tool and you can turn it on. You are the only person who can view your searching history. You must sign in to the history each time to access it.
    Google History  
    Getting Started
    Some suggestions for making your searches more efficient and successful
    Google has a web document with basic suggestions for making your searches easier. It might be a good idea to review with students when they are going to use Google.
    Google Suggestions  


    Some Hints and "Tricks" for Making Searches Easier

    Google has a lot of built in "tricks" you can use to find information more easily. This Google webpage  has many of them and will lead you through some examples. Take some time to review some of them, and you can save yourself a lot of time in the future.
    Google hints and tricks