• SMARTBoard Resource Browsing Guide


     Here are some great sites for you to browse through. These sites have great ideas you can incorporate into  your classrooms and use at home as well. There is no particular order to the sites and the last one may be just as valuable to you as the first, so just dig in wherever you see something interesting.

    Click on the picture to browse the site.

    Have you visited the SMART Exchange lately? You can search in a number of ways. Go here to search by standards.
    Smart Exchange
     Here is a great "Whiteboard" blog from England. "Whiteboard means they support all the various boards, including SMARTBoards. You can browse down the right column for hours and find resource after resource. Don't forget to go way to the bottom right and sign up for their educational e-mails with great resources. 
    Whiteboard blog
    Here is a resource from a company in Eastern New York State. While they deal with schools in the est, they will let you register and download the resources. Their emails are also good. They sometimes offer free things, although many are ads for seminars in NYC and the "Island." 
    Teq Site  
    This site has recently moved and reorganized. However, there are a lot of resources on this site. Worth an hour or two of browsing. 
    Teachers Love Smartboards
    Center School District  has been been posting good SMARTBoard material for quire a while. This is a somewhat revised and updated site with lots of great materials. Since all were created for Notebook 10, there should be no problem using them.
    Create a free account and you can download a lot of good materials.
    The Notebook Gallery  
    There are a lot of online activities that look really great on the SMARTBoard here.

    Places to "Wander Around In"

    These "social sharing sites" have lots of good materials, but you have to search for them. They are great sites if you have the time and interest. You can even create your own accounts free and save your findings in your accounts.
    Pinterest is where people save interests(links) in the form of pictures. There are all sorts of links here and it looks disorganized at first. They are starting to supervise the site more and more, so improper links are not found, but we don't recommend this social media type site for children.
    LiveBinders is somewhat similar to Pinterest in that you can create binders and store sites of interest there. The sites are shared so you can find lots of good information here. You can create a free account and store your findings in your binders. This site is more oriented toward education and you can find all sorts of resources here.