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     Welcome to Third Grade Boys and Girls! I'm so excited to get back to the classroom and start a new school year together. This year will look and feel very different than school years of the past. As you know, only half of you will be in the classroom at one time so that you are spread out, and we will all be required to wear masks. These changes will be new and something that we'll have to get used to. But, it's important that we focus on the wonderful opportunity we have! We are able to share our classroom with each other once again! And that is truly exciting!

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    As you know there will be a combination of in-person and online teaching and learning. We will use Microsoft Teams to meet for our synchronous lessons on Wednesday. While I have been doing extensive training throughout the months of May, June and August, please be patient with me as I work through the use of the program on my own. I'm not an expert and I'm sure there will be some trials or bumps and bruises along the way. As with any learning, it takes time to master. We will work through the process together, learning and becoming familiar with the program in class. Hopefully that will help things run more smoothly once we begin our Wednesday remote lessons.

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    The days that you are not at school (either Monday and Tuesday or Thursday and Friday), you will learn asynchronously. That means you will go onto Microsoft Teams for your lessons and assignments. These may include vidoes and assignments from the many programs that we use in class, like MobyMax, Brainpop, Savvas Realize Math, and so on. You will be able to access Teams and all of the programs through your Clever account.


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    Something else that is new and exciting for you in third grade is that you will be working with both Mrs. Costanzo and myself for learning. We are team teaching. Mrs. Costanzo will teach you ELA and Social Studies; I will teach you Math and Science. 

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    I'm thrilled about getting back to the classroom. I look forward to working with each of you this year!  


Last Modified on September 6, 2020