• This weeks math lessons focuses on different types of math such as counting, writing numbers and adding in story problems. Please practice time with your child daily. Students are always encouraged to use numbers, pictures, words, and or notation (+) to represent a solution to a problem when necessary.

        a picture of a  book with the numbers two, two, and four. Also it has a ruler, a pencil and an apple

    ***Please keep in mind that the math pages are not interactive so they will not be able to manipulate or work on from the computer or file. Parents can feel free to print them so their child can have a copy handy. If you can't print, students are expected to solve the problems or write answers from the worksheet on paper from home. As always, I encourage parents to keep all math assignments in a safe place so that students can bring them back to school when it resumes. Good luck and have fun!


     Monday: June 8, 2020 

    Target: I can count and write numbers 1-20.

    Please click on the file to open the assignments ----->  Crayon Puzzle Pieces


    Tuesday: June 9, 2020

    Target: I can make 10 at home.

    Please click on the file to open the assignments ----->  Make 10


    Wednesday: June 10, 2020                                                                                                  

    Target: I can complete a survey with family.

    Please click the file to open assignments ----->  Survey





    DON'T FORGET Weekly online Math Assignments will go through MobyMax (this is new program for our online  learners.) where your child should spend 30 minutes each day.

    MobyMax is found through Symbaloo.

    Once in Symbaloo, MobyMax is the 7th box down from the top & then the 5th box accross. Your username & password is your child's student ID found on the top of their report card. Once you are in you can save your username & password so you do not have to put it in everytime you are signing into this program. Click on the Math app and take the math placement test.  Please make sure you do not help your child or they will not be able to work independently. Once your child takes the placement test they will have daily activities assigned to them on their math level that they will work on independently at their own pace.

    ***Please go to Moby Max to complete math assignments daily. Your child's progress will be tracked.


Last Modified on June 8, 2020