•      Well, I can't believe our time has come to an end. This is a very sad time for me. You have been a wonderful class. I really enjoyed our time together.

         If you have not done so already, please call the school so you can pick up your desk things. They are packed and waiting for you. There is also a gift and a letter from me.

         Your assignments for Monday and Tuesday are real simple:

    1. Send me a message on MobyMax or an email to lbolea@nfschools.net. In the message tell me what you have been up to and what your plans are for the summer. I would love to know how you are doing.

    2. Finish up all of your assignments that you are behind on in MobyMax.

    3. You can now work ahead on anything you want in MobyMax to keep your skills up.

    4. Go on Symbaloo during the summer to keep your skills up also. Learn your multiplication facts for September. It will make your life easier.

         I will send you a final message on MobyMax on Tuesday. 

Last Modified on June 7, 2020