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    Studio in Art


    Advanced Studio in Art

    with Ms. Parker


    You must have 2 projects per quarter to pass and earn course credit (8 projects for the whole year).

    (Studio in Art Students- New York State requires at least 1 art class to graduate.)


    Welcome to Art!

    *Contact me with any questions: rparker on Teams Chat, rparker@nfschools.net 

    *Send artwork pictures to: rparker on Teams Chat

     *Click on each project- Do what you can for each lesson

    Quarter 1

    Project 1 - Drawing - Line

    Project 2 - Drawing - Value

    Quarter 2

    Project 3 - Color - Intro

    Project 4 - Color - Theory

    Quarter 3

    Project 5 - Painting - Action Painting

    Project 6 - Painting - Abstract Expressionism

    Quarter 4

    Project 7 and 8 - 3D/Sculpture (pick 2 projects)

    Extra Credit/Above and Beyond/Optional Projects:

    ****To be Posted- Extra Credit Project 9- Printmaking****

    ****To be Posted- Extra Credit Project 10- Photography/Digital Media****

    ****To be Posted- Extra Credit Project 11- Self Projection Themed "Final Project"****