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    History Alive Project

    This project will take us until the end of the year.  

    Week of May 10th- Select a historical figure to learn about. 

    Fill out the Forms link ↑ to let me know how you will learn about.  Then begin taking notes and learning about the person you chose.  Choose from the list of people below.

    Week of May 17th- Continue researching the person.  Take notes.  Really get to know the person you are learning about.

    Week of May 24th- Find clothes around your house to dress up like your person.  Write a script for yourself that will tell others about "you."  Then practice recording your speech.  You are coming ALIVE.  You ARE the person you learned about.  If you can, make a video that shows you in "costume" telling about yourself.  You have until June 5th to get it to me.  If you can't video tape it, just email me your notes.


    People to learn about:

    Captain John Smith


    Anne Hutchinson

    Peter Stuyvesant

    George Washington

    James Madison

    Thomas Jefferson

    Benjamin Franklin

    Crispus Attucks

    John Hancock

    Paul Revere

    Molly Pitcher

    Abigail Adams

    Phillis Wheatley

    Betsy Ross

    Peter Salem

    Or anyone else from American colonial days

Last Modified on June 7, 2020