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  • Discussion: A Tale of Two Beasts

    A story about perspective taking or understanding another person's point of view


    Chapter 1: The perspective of the little girl.  

    Who does the girl see in the woods? 

    What does she do when she sees the beast?

    Why does she rescue the beast?

    Does she think she is being kind or unkind?  How can you tell?

    How do you think the beast felt about being resuced or taken from his home?


    Chapter 2: The perspective of the beast.  

    What was the beast doing in the woods?  

    What happens to the beast?

    Did the beast need help?

    Does the beast think the girl is being kind or unkind?  How can you tell?


    The ending.


    How is the girl acting differently than the beginning of the book? 

    How come she changed her actions?

    How is the beast acting differently than at the beginning of the book?

    How come the beast changed his actions?