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  • If your child is working on improving sound production, known as articulation, here are some ideas to help! 

    Please contact me with questions or comments.

  • Auditory Bombardment

    It is always helpful for your child to hear the sounds that they are working on said correctly.  Choose five to ten words and say them 2-3 times for your child to hear in a quiet environment.  Keep the TV or tablet or any electronics off during this time.  Choose one sound or sound pattern to focus on during this time.  

  • Here are some fun sound activities that you can do at home.  You can have your child say the sound, word or sentence etc more than once!

    • Scavenger Hunt - find items in your house that have that sound in them

    • Drawing/Coloring

    • Draw pictures of items with your sound in them
      • Pictionary: Draw pictures and have someone guess them

      • Color in a picture with your sound in it

      • Hidden pictures - complete hidden picture pages to find words with your sound in them

    • Writing - Write words or sentences with a word containing your sound and practice reading that sentence or word

    • Charades - Act out the target word

    • “I Spy” - Find items around the room that contain your target word

    • Mystery Bag - Put an item or picture of an item with your sound in a bag or behind your back.  Describe it and have someone guess it.

    • Turn taking games 


      Before every turn say a word, phrase, or sentence with your word

    • This works with any game: Legos, trains, board games, rolling/tossing a ball, outdoor games such as red light/green light, Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox what time is it?, Four Square

  • Helpful Tips


    Kids LOVE being the teacher.  Let them teach you how to say the sounds correctly or make up words or sentences for you to practice.

    It's so helpful for kids to know that they ae not the only one making mistakes.  Say the word wrong every now and then and then point it out.

    One of the best ways to correct a sound is informally, so if you hear your child say a word wrong, just repeat the sentence correctly.  Your child does not have to repeat it but does need to hear you say the sound right.

    Choose a time of day that works well for you and your child.  Maybe have your child choose from a couple of times. 

    Do not correct your child's speech or language all day.  It's exhasting for them to remember all day long, and they may shut down and stop trying.  We don't want this.  Choose five to ten minutes in a day to focus on speeech and then move on to other activities.  

    Praise effort!! So if your child tries and the sound is not correct, you can say "good trying". or "Your tongue was almost in the right position."  If your child says the sound correctly, be specific with your praise "I like that "s" in sun."  or "Good remembering to close your lips" so your child knows what to do again.  Try to avoid "good job/boy/girl."

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