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    NFCSD Art Educators

    Grade 2

    My Favorite Color: Family Portrait

    Supplies: crayons, colored pencils, markers, paper

    *A portrait is a drawing, painting or photograph of a person.  I want you to look around your home for portraits of your family.  Photographs of the people you love.  Look at the photos, who is in it?  Where was the photo taken?  What else is in the photograph?



    *Artists painted, drew or photographed their families for centuries.  I would like you to draw a picture of your family.  Please include your family members and pets, if you have them.  When you draw your family portrait, add a setting.  Are you in front of your home, in your living room, at a park?  Make sure you have details.  Draw your clothes just how they “look”, with patterns, etc.  If someone wears glasses or jewelry, put them in your drawing.


    *When you are finished, share your family portrait with your loved ones!